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Corporate Services

Complete Insurance audits For Corporates

A fees based service

We provide you with a cost structure which is quite considerable as compared to others and charge you with a nominal amount in form of fees for the services provided by us. Hence providing you with long term recurring benifits.

Company's Insurance Audit & Liability Hedging

A fees based service

1) Policies To Give Cover For Your Borrowings In Terms Of Loans Od's Etc.

2) Loans , borrowings worth crores of rupees needs covers according to corporate governance .

3) Special high risk plans for the same made available .

Loans 100 Crores and Above

We cover your loans and provide you with policies, which serve as a collateral security, that will help you gain loans from institutions with ease. 

Loan Liability Insurance

We provide you and your family with complete security against short as well as long term loans for your better future.

Contractual Services

1) Help People and corporate manage their Insurance and Investment Portfolios.

2) Insurance Audit for Individuals , ISO 9001 companies , partnership company , private limited & listed companies .

3) We undertake insurance maintenance contracts .

Workmen Compensation

Workmen Compensation Policy Is Mandatory Policy As Per The Workmen Compensation Act Of 1923. It Is A Unnamed Policy. It Covers All Liability As Described By Labour Court. It Gives Sense Of Relief To Business Owners Specially When Some Accident Occours.

Key Man Insuance

We provide you with policies that secure your CXO , DIRECTORS ,PROMOTERS ,PARTNERS etc..which will help you to rebring such assets in their abscense .

Very Popular for the Directors, Partners & Promoter of Company

We secure your High Networth Individuals(HNI) who are the backbone earners of your institution and bread earners of their family.

Succession Risk Planning

Special range of customized insurance product made available to exclusive clients & NRIs

Manpower Retention Scheme

We benifit you with special schemes which will provide you a support regarding training your employees as well as reataining and recruiting them without bearing a loss of single penny.

Special Policies For Community, Temple, Trust

We get the best people for this type of insurance who evaluate the and give proper valiuation of the property including precious items as well as antiques. Special fire and burgalary policy for Temple  and Trusts to take care of their valuables like gold, silver and precious gems ornament with proper documentation and heavy discounts on the premium. This also aditionally covers theft. 

Group Gratuity And Superannuation Policies

Salary Saving Schemes

Contractors All Risk Policy

We secure your professionals when working off your premises as well as your machines and insure their non performing period. We also insure the employees when working on and off your site.

Fire Insurance


Fire Insurance Covers Loss Of Asset Due To Fire, Flood, Cyclone, Impact Damage, Due To Gas Explosion, Missile Testing, Leakage Of Fire Sprinklers. Fire Policy Can Be Given With Other Extensions Like Earthquake And Terrorism. While Taking Fire Policy One Should Take The Reconstruction Cost Of The Asset. Fire Policy Can Also Be Given Along With Loss And Profit Policy Towards Business Interruption Losses Due To Fire.

Professional Indemnity

Professional Indemnity Policy Is Taken By Professionals Like Doctors Charted Accountants, Architects,Insurance Professionals, Financial Professional, Tax Consultant, Etc. This Policy Is To Make Up For The Losses Due To Errors Made By Professionals And Subsequent Losses. This Policy Is High Tech Policy.


Mediclaim Insurance Covers Hospitalization Cost Due To Sickness Or Due To Accident. We Give New Mediclaim Cover Upto 80 Years Of Age And Also Give Various Types Of Mediclaims Like Individual ,Family Floater, Additional Mediclaims For Senior Citizen, Critical Illness Mediclaim, Special Mediclaim For Diabetes, Heart And Liver Ailment People. We Also Give Individual Mediclaim Upto Rupees (Symbol)50 Lakhs And We Also Give Group Mediclaim And Personal Accident.

Marine/Transit Insurance

Marine/Transit Insurance Is The Insurance Taken During Transportation Of Goods From One Place To Another Place By Rail, Road, Sea And Air.This Policy Covers All The Risk Once The Goods Are Loaded Till It Is Unloaded At The Destination.Therefore Various Types Of Risk Covers Are Available.

Vehicle Insurance

We Do Various Types Of Vehicle Policies.And Vehicle Insurance Like Bike, Motor, Buses, Trains, Fire Engines For Fire Brigades, Civil Excavation, Machines Policy. Vehicle Insurance Can Also Be Given With Cashless Facility During Claim.

Personal Accident (PA)

Personal Accidents Most Economical Insurance In Its Category. It Gives Protection Towards Any Accidental Death, Permanent ,Total Or Partial Disability. It Works 24x7x365 All Around The Globe. Personal Accident Has To Be Selected Accordingly To The Work Profile Of The Person. Personal Accident Has To Be Given As Per The Financial Ability Of The Individual

Personal Accidents Insurance also ensures the financial stabitity of you and your family in the hour of need. This policy also covers the death of an individual, physical injuries and bodily burns. 

Product Insurance

this is called product insurance 

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