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Individual Services


Portfolio Management

Here we look at your need and then design your portfolio which suits you, that is getting and keeping the policies that you need and recycling the old ones.


Complete Insurance Audit

Data Gallery Authenticating & Putting The Total Portfolio In A Proper Format To Answer Smooth Smooth Servicing, Enhancing & Maintaining Data In A Structured Form Their By Reducing The Cost.


Directors, Partners, CEO, CMD,CXO and President

Special Policies As Per The Law Requirements, which helps then with their working capital needs, and at a planed interval gives u some additional funds or even premium holidays.


Children Education

As education expenses are growing at an exponential rate, you won't like to compromise with your child's education. We help you in planning in such a way that not only his basic education but also his higher education and marriage are also taken care of


Retirement Planning

the only person who can take care of you at your retirement is the YOUNGER YOU. A Complete and Systematic planning for your retirement which takes care of you at old age and gives u a fixed and countinous flow of income with some extra money after every specified interval of time of your choice.


Loan Protection Cover

Policies To Give Cover For Your Borrowings In Terms Of Loans Od's Etc. This helps your family to continue their same lifestyle even after you are on a long vacation.


Estate Creation

It's Very Important that Ideal Estate Is Created Which We Can be Easily Transfer To The Next Generation . Perfect Solution In Terms Of Life Time Products Range.


Passing Of Wealth to Next Generation

It's Of Great Importance That The Wealth Created During The Life Time Of An Individual Be Transferred Hassal Free Tom The Next Generation Heir's Or Nominees As Per The Wish Of The Owner. Concrete Solutions Are Being Provided Taking Into Consideration The law of the land.


Handicap And Mentally Challenged Children's Policy

Special Children;S Future Is Secured By Ensuring Lifetime Fund For Provision Of Their Expenses. Parents Or Any Blood Relatives Can Buy The Products & Participate Or Contributes Towards The Child's Secured Future.


Investment Services Fee Based


Investment In Mutual Funds Of All Type Especially Selected After Profiling Of The Individual Corporate Requirements Weather Single Investments Or S.I.P Will Be Taken Care For & Appropriate Investment Patterns Can Be Designed. Very helpful for all SMEs and individuals.


Fixed Deposits

Fixed Deposits Of Banks & Companies Can Be Acquired by individuals After Analyzing Needs and The Options Available In The Markets.


Agents Recrutment

We recruit agents pan India. We help in recruiting agents for all the insurance companies. 



Mediclaim Insurance Covers Hospitalization Cost Due To Sickness Or Due To Accident. We Give New Mediclaim Cover Upto 80 Years Of Age And Also Give Various Types Of Mediclaims Like Individual ,Family Floater, Additional Mediclaims For Senior Citizen, Critical Illness Mediclaim, Special Mediclaim For Diabetes, Heart And Liver Ailment People. We Also Give Individual Mediclaim Upto Rupees (Symbol)50 Lakhs And We Also Give Group Mediclaim And Personal Accident.

Overeas Mediclaim

Overseas Mediclaim Is Given To The Resident Of India Traveling Abroad It Varies As Per The Country Of Visit ,Duration And Age. It Also Covers All Kind Of Risk Starting From Loss Of Passport ,Take Off ,High Jacking , Missing Of Connecting Flight ,Delay In Checked In Baggage And Personal Liability. Of Course It Includes The Basic Mediclaim With Cashless Facility.


Critical Illness Mediclaim

Critical Illness Covers Any Major Illness Like HEART ATTACK,CANCER,Etc. Definition Of Critical Illness Mediclaim Varies From Company To Company . Most Famous Critical Illness Mediclaim policy Is Towards Cancer. A Very Special Policy Is Been Designed For Women.


Personal Accident (PA)

Personal Accidents Most Economical Insurance In Its Category. It Gives Protection Towards Any Accidental Death, Permanent ,Total Or Partial Disability. It Works 24x7x365 All Around The Globe. Personal Accident Has To Be Selected Accordingly To The Work Profile Of The Person. Personal Accident Has To Be Given As Per The Financial Ability Of The Individual.


Fire Insurance

Fire Insurance Covers Loss Of Asset Due To Fire, Flood, Cyclone, Impact Damage, Due To Gas Explosion, Missile Testing, Leakage Of Fire Sprinklers. Fire Policy Can Be Given With Other Extensions Like Earthquake And Terrorism. While Taking Fire Policy One Should Take The Reconstruction Cost Of The Asset. Fire Policy Can Also Be Given Along With Loss And Profit Policy Towards Business Interruption Losses Due To Fire.


Professional Indemnity

Professional Indemnity Policy Is Taken By Professionals Like Doctors Charted Accountants, Architects,Insurance Professionals, Financial Professional, Tax Consultant, Etc. This Policy Is To Make Up For The Losses Due To Errors Made By Professionals And Subsequent Losses. This Policy Is High Tech Policy.


Vehicle Insurance

We Do Various Types Of Vehicle Insurances Like Bike, Motor, Buses, Trains, Fire Engines For Fire Brigades, Civil Excavation, Machines Policy. Vehicle Insurance Can Also Be Given With Cashless Facility During Claims.


Yatch and Aircraft Insurance

In This Highly Technical Policy . We Give Yatch Insurance, Luxury Liner, Boat Insurance, Aircraft Insurance, For Smaller Aircraft and Private Planes .




Mutual Funds

We help people in investing in mutual funds. We specialise in both long term n short term portfolios. We also invest in SIPs. This is a fee based service and can be done for HNI,NRI,etc.

Fixed Deposits

We help people investing in various banks n other financial institutions with our wide range of tie ups and years of experience in this field

Monthly Saving Schemes

We help people on daily payroll to invest even with a small amount as small as rupees 500 a month.


We help people in buying NA plots, residential plots, raw houses, weekend homes etc.

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